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Advanced Cluster Headache Relief.

The Relaxica is designed to take away cluster headaches, reduce stress, and soothe away the strain on the neck and shoulders. In addition it is great for eyestrain and even general stress and tension headache relief.

It's the invention of Pam Kaur, an Electronics Technologist that decided people needed something to take away cluster headache pain quickly and easily without therapy and medication. "There are so many people in pain that have just accepted this torture" said Kalsi, who lives in British Columbia and has developed the Relaxica for his company, Kalsitechnic Solutions Ltd. "The problem of cluster headaches and eyestrain is global and is going to keep increasing exponentially."

Kalsi wanted something that would apply pressure to the head, proven facial pressure points and at around the painful areas. But he wanted something with a high tech twist.

He originally constructed the little cluster headache relieving device out of house wiring and super glue. After dozens of prototypes, Kalsi and his father Nirmal (a chartered engineer from England) designed and manufactured the whole unit themselves.

Now the Relaxica is a Canadian manufactured, contoured, sleek unit that is lightweight and fits perfectly on the facial and head areas. Within just 30 to 60 seconds it can provide relief and relaxation resulting from increased circulation of blood by stimulation of the key pressure points. Relaxica's design is so efficient that it uses only one AA battery (which is included) that typically lasts for about 9 months.

Nirmal says he used to take medication four times a day for migraines. Since he started using the Relaxica, he rarely needs anything. He uses the Relaxica every few hours and just before bed or when he can feel his muscle tension or any hints of a cluster headache or headache. "It uses proven acupressure and proven pressure point massage systems that have been used for centuries," says Pam Kaur customer service rep of the Relief Zone (http://www.reliefzone.com/home.html). "It's very effective on even cluster headaches and computer eyestrain. I don't know what I would do without it!"

"I'm very susceptible to cluster headaches and eyestrain. Whenever I feel my eyes tensed up I use the Relaxica for 60 seconds. It amazes me every time I use it. You feel so refreshed after using it," says Harry. Many customers singing the praises of the Relaxica are long term cluster headache sufferers who have tried just about everything out there for relief.

"So many people have cluster headache problems. The medical community is not doing enough to help them," Kalsi said. There may be millions people worldwide who may suffer from cluster headaches.

The Relaxica is currently only available on-line via the website, the Relief Zone. They can also be ordered directly from Kalsitechnic Solutions Ltd. at 1-604-572-0355. The Relaxica has been on the market for about 9 months.

In the next few weeks the company expects to shift into high gear with a national and international advertising campaign. This unique invention for cluster headache relief sells for only $69.95 (plus $9.95 s&h) and comes with a confident 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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