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Before you leave this site, you will have
discovered a unique, new solution for
your Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain,
Eyestrain & Tension. New, High-Tech Relief

without drugs, herbs, acupressure, massage,
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Abolish tension headache migraine cluster headache pain. Headaches, Migraines, Cluster Headache, Chronic Headaches, Computer Eyestrain, Neck Pain, Sinus Pressure, Tension etc.
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Tension Headaches, Migraine Headache, Cluster Headache, Chronic Headaches Pain Relief - the New Way

How a breakthrough can alleviate your tension headaches, migraines, cluster headache, chronic headache pain, and more. Almost instantly, in just 30 to 60 seconds, without the traditional treatments of drugs, acupressure, pressure point massage, herbal remedies, etc.

" works, it really works. Relief at last!"  - Bette



Dear Internet Friend,

Like many of you, I have constantly suffered from headaches, migraines, and eyestrain most of my life. And yes, most of the time, I simply accepted the torture and believed there was nothing I could do about it. Over the years, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and have tried everything imaginable out there for relief. Nothing worked the way I hoped and wanted it to. Until now...

This site is unlike any other you will find on the subject of headache pain relief on the Internet. You will discover something that has been called "The best kept secret of the pain relief world". But the most interesting part is you won't have to take mine or anyone else's word for it. You alone will be the sole judge as you understand and experience everything FIRST HAND.

I ask only one small favor, please completely read this page to the end and do not skip through any sections. Otherwise, you may let a treasure slip through your fingers, forever...

Although this page is focused on instant pain relief from Tension Headaches, Migraines and Cluster Headaches, this breakthrough can be equally applied to alleviating:

  • computer eyestrain
  • tired, fatigued eyes
  • neck pains
  • stiff neck
  • sore neck muscles
  • upper and lower neck pain
  • sinus pain
  • sinus pressure
  • sinus discomfort
  • congested nasal passages
  • allergy discomforts
  • stress & tension

This page is divided into three brief sections. The first part explains why and how your pains happen. The second section takes a quick look at current remedies. And the last, but certainly not the least, section concludes with the new Relief Zone breakthrough.

We have tried them all; herbs, medications, drugs, masseurs, magnets, pain killers, meditations, mind exercises, crystals, sitting postures, rest, sleep, new-age, old-age, massages, acupressure, reflexology. From conventional to unconventional, from simple to complex and from common to crazy.

So, if you are determined to conquer your pain(s) once and for all, let's get started...

What Causes Headaches, Eyestrain, Neck Pain etc. in the First Place?

Before we go into the details of alleviating these problems, it is important to know why and how they happen in the first place. Do not worry. I will not burden you with long and complicated medical words. I have taken great care to explain the origin of pain in a way that is easy, and even fun, to understand. It is important, however, that you understand the way pain is generated, and the nature of pain in general. As in any proper "relief zone", the first step is awareness...

Headaches: Tension Headache, Migraines (Vascular Headaches), Cluster Headache, Chronic Headaches, Chronic Cluster Headaches, etc.

The most universal complaint of pain is headache pain...and the most common type of headache is the tension headache, followed by migraines and cluster headaches, respectively. Headache symptoms can vary from a dull, annoying ache, to an acute, throbbing pain - whether around your eyes, across your head or at the base of your neck. But while stress and tension may help to trigger a headache, the word "tension" in "tension headache" does not refer to an emotional condition, but rather to the muscle-contraction, or spasm, of muscle.

One thing I want to make clear right away. For over 99% of the population (and the type of pains discussed here) headache pain does not come from your brain. Even cutting the brain would not produce pain because it is completely insensitive.

Pain originates from the tissues lying between your skull and scalp. Specifically, the muscles and blood vessels of the face, scalp and neck. Essentially, there are three main muscle structures or layers surrounding your head:

Neck region - small and large skeletal muscles
Scalp region - small, thin muscles
Forehead/face region - very small and delicate muscles encompassing the walls of the arteries and veins of the scalp and neck.

NOTE: whenever the term "muscles" is used throughout this site, it is referring to these muscles.

What is also of interest are the Temporal and Occipital arteries or blood vessels.

The Temporal artery rises up on both sides of the head from the neck, goes below and in front of the ears, upward directly in the front of the ears, and then slants forward and upward to the upper temple area. From the temple area, the artery divides widely over the forehead. A large percentage of headaches occur because of the temporal artery.

The Occipital artery arises from beneath and behind the ears (on each side of the head) and separates inward from each side across the lower region of the skull and upper neck.

Source of Pain

The actual source of the "ache" comes from the pain nerve endings which terminate in the three muscle structures. This is a very fortunate fact because if the pain arose from within the brain or skull it would be near impossible to reach, let alone treat. But because the region where the pain comes from is literally within reach and touch, you are in a better position to do something about it.

Headaches (and basically the same goes for eyestrain and neck pain too), therefore, are caused by sustained/disrupted contraction of muscles - which in turn causes diminished blood flow through the muscular arteries. This combination of muscular and/or blood flow disruption irritates the nerve endings which protest by sending out pain signals.

Vascular Headaches: Migraines & Cluster Headaches

"Migraine" originates from Greek roots meaning "half head". This is because, usually (but not always), this type of headache starts on one side of the head and may expand to encompass the whole head. Cluster headaches are so named because they occur in batches or "clusters" and then disappear for weeks or months at a time. Often described as "feeling like a red-hot poker being slid into your eye socket", cluster headaches are perhaps the most debilitating type of  headache and in chronic cases can occur almost daily.

Although why migraines and cluster headaches start in the first place is still unclear, the final manifestation is, nonetheless, a physical one and originates from between the skull and scalp: abnormal blood circulation agitating nerve endings which produce agonizing distress and helplessness.

Eyestrain, Computer Eyestrain

Eyestrain is perhaps the most common affliction that the information age has brought us and there are absolutely no signs of it ever decreasing. Prolonged use of the eyes, as well as the stress and tension of day-to-day living, cause a tightening of the delicate eye muscles and also the facial muscles around the nose, cheeks and temples. This facial tightness leads to reduced blood circulation and thus compounds the agonizing effects of eye fatigue. The resultant eyestrain eventually manifests itself in everything from burning eyes and blurred vision, to headaches, migraines and may even trigger migraine and cluster headache attacks.

Sinus Headaches, Sinus Pain

Sinus headaches are very rare and it is very unlikely that you've ever suffered from them. That may sound strange considering the magnitude of sinus medications sold, but it is true. Even people with chronic sinus problem rarely suffer headaches from the actual sinus inflammation. Though sinus problems can lead to headaches, this is not very common in the general population. This have been proved repeatedly in clinical studies.

So what is the "sinus pain" that you've undoubtedly encountered on occasion? Fortunately for you, as with headaches, most sinus pain is compounded by muscle tension. Tension that generally comes from inactivity as a result of the original (small) discomfort of sinus congestion. Hence, a solution to sinus pain would be similar or the same as for any other tension headache, eyestrain or neck pain.

Traditional Remedies

Now let's take a quick look at some of the treatments you have used in the past for pain relief.

Drugs, Medications & Herbs

The most common self-prescribed treatments for headaches, neck pain, sinus congestion, eyestrain etc., are over-the-counter drugs - such as analgesics (usually aspirin), anti-histamines, eye drops or tranquilizers. Drugs are not only constantly costing you big bucks but are potentially habit-forming, and may have dangerous side effects. And pain relievers only prevent you from feeling the symptoms of pain. They do not treat the source or cause of the problem.

Herbal remedies are perhaps another possible solution to pain relief. It is very difficult to quantify some of the claims that this industry makes. In addition, because there is no regulation of these substances, the situation is usually buyer beware.

Rest, Sleep & Relaxation

Rest, sleep, and relaxation are helpful in the reduction of stress and tension symptoms, but not possible or practical solutions when pain strikes in the middle of work or recreation. And, in the case of cluster headaches, even rest and sleep won't make them stop or go away once their cycle has started.

Acupressure, Pressure Point Massage & Similar Relief Systems

Acupressure and pressure point massage and are two of the most ancient forms of healing. Together, they and variations of the same basic principles have been providing relief for centuries. Many of their benefits can easily be measured and felt. The techniques work by increasing the rate of circulation of blood. This allows the muscles to relax and absorb more oxygen, which increases the delivery of nutrients and washes away waste chemicals that build up in tense muscles.

I have also tried self performed acupressure/massage/reflexology, perhaps you have too. There are many good techniques that you can administer to yourself. But as wonderful mechanisms the human hands are, there are many areas or pressure points on the face, head and neck that are just plain awkward to reach yourself.

Massage does strengthen and tone the muscles and is effective in creating an overall feeling of physical well-being. Although the theory behind massaging techniques is accepted and proven, a trained professional is usually required for meaningful results.


The fundamental problem with ALL these traditional remedies is that they are not practical for you and me who is suffering at the office or at home and needs fast, effective, lasting relief right here and NOW.

Hints for Pain Sufferers

Muscle tone and circulation must be restored in the areas of the head, neck and face.

Let me explain:

The term "muscle tone" is used to describe the state of contraction of the muscles when they are not being specifically used. It is the measurement of the muscle's complete and absolute relaxed state.

When your muscles have too much tone, they are contracting and causing a disturbance in circulation, hence pain. Likewise, too little tone and your muscles are limp, again having an adverse effect on normal blood circulation, but this time the pain is caused by the expansion of arteries. In both cases, it is the disturbance of normal blood circulation that cause your nerve endings to be irritated and send out pain signals.

Think about it:

Why is it massage, acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology and other similar relief systems work in the first place? Why is it when you have a headache, neck pain or eyestrain, rubbing the affected area(s) seem to help? Because these actions restore the two things the body is lacking which cause suffering in the first place: nominal muscle tone and normal blood circulation. Whenever both these conditions are met - Voila! There is no pain!

That is why there is widespread acknowledgement to the therapeutic effectiveness of massage and acupressure methods. These relief systems have been practiced for thousands of years around the world. In fact, even the medical community today recognizes their therapeutic benefits and routinely prescribes therapy to patients.

But Wait, Reality Strikes...

Let's face it, how may people can leave their job, hop into a car, drive down to an acupressure or massage center and have a trained professional work their tension away for many $$$/hr? As it is, centers like these have become more of a "luxury item" for the wealthy, rather than a relief center for people who really need them most - you and me.

I know what you are probably thinking at this point. I have discussed almost everything out there for relief, so what is left? There is an new alternative. First, let's clarify what you need:

You deserve a solution that soothes away your headaches, migraines, neck pain, eyestrain, etc. and related symptoms:

  • without medications, drugs, herbs, etc. of any kind
  • without traditional massage, shiatsu or acupressure (self or masseur performed)
  • without any facial or skin applied creams or lotions, etc.
  • without rest, sleep, taking time off or slowing down your normal activities
  • without meditation or any mind or thought exercises
  • without constant expenditure
  • without further pain, discomfort or inconvenience
  • without leaving where ever it is the problem occurs
  • without changing your lifestyle, work habits, activities of rest and play in any way

At the same time your solution needs to work:

  • instantly, in seconds at the most
  • in a way that can prevent or reduce pains from occurring again
  • with beneficial cumulative effects that will make you feel better
  • with an increase in health and well-being
  • with a decrease in mental fatigue
  • with a general bodily feeling of relaxation
  • in a natural, safe, easy and effective way
  • in a remarkable, almost magical way that you've never encountered before

Now there's a tough order to fill!

At first thought, it does not seem possible that there is a single magical solution that can give you all  these benefits so quickly and comprehensively...

But there is.

As you know, we live in a rapidly changing society. Everyday there are new and almost miraculous breakthroughs. Things that seemed science fiction just a few years ago are now a part of everyday life.

Now let me say right off the bat that what you are about to learn is not intended to replace traditional medical or therapeutic treatment required by specific medical condition(s). Rather, if you do suffer from a special or chronic disorder, what you are about to learn will perhaps enhance and act as a supplement to relief.


Picture if you will, having thousands of miniature, highly skilled Acupressure Doctors, Master Masseurs and Beauticians, meticulously working, thousands of times faster and more effectively than humanly possible, at your personal service 24 hours a day - FREE!

Imagine a remarkable new way you can have relief from tormenting symptoms the instant they hit you, at home, work, rest or play in just a matter of seconds - naturally - but with a high-tech twist.

Stop imagining.

You will be relieved (literally!) to learn that:

Traditional massage and acupressure techniques have been
with modern technology to bring you a unique solution,
the likes of which has never been seen before.

Technology now offers you what medication and human hands couldn't - a realistic and practical blend of the technologies of yesteryear with the technologies of today. An amazing North American developed invention which can offer you the very best and safest method of headache, neck pain, eyestrain, and tension relief - so fast and effective, that it must be experienced to be believed.

Allow Your Pain to Drain...

Eyestrains, Headaches, Sinus and Neck Pains - and more - gone in seconds!

Relaxica Instant Tension Reliever has been deliberately designed and carefully engineered to give you maximum relief to the same important pressure points as practiced since ancient times but without the drawbacks of traditional procedures.

It is the first device designed exclusively for the head/eye/face/neck areas and focuses directly on the two main things that cause you grief in the first place - disruption of nominal muscle tone and normal circulation.

Remember how pain works? Tense muscles impede on blood vessels which irritate nerve endings. Acupressure, massage, and similar relief systems counter this by intense rubbing that increases blood circulation and reduces the muscle spasm. Traditional manual acupressure and massage work well, but have their limitations. They require patience and preferably another person to do it right. Not to mention spending your valuable time and money going to and from a masseur's office.

Relaxica is the same, yet different from traditional techniques. Similar in the sense that it has been designed to offer exactly the same benefits of traditional acupressure and pressure points massage. But different - and better - because it has the advantage of using technology to provide the benefits at speeds and levels simply not possible manually with human hands.

Convergence of Old with New

Specifically, Relaxica produces a unique acupressure and massage like action which simultaneously combines gyratory and percussive movements. Your muscles and nerves are soothed by a specially developed rotational and kneading - type action at the same time. A task not possible with traditional manual massage or acupressure.

Rotational and kneading movements produce a unique relieving experience.

The resonant interaction of the rotational and kneading movements produce an incredible pulsating wave sensation that oscillates between the pressure points of your face, head, temples and neck as tension is drained. When the extraordinary combination of both massage and acupressure is applied, your body responds in seconds by draining muscle tension and relieving you of pain.

Key Acupressure and Shiatsu Pressure Points targeted to give you maximum relief.

Furthermore, this Interactive Resonant Wave Action (IRWA), tailors itself to your level of tension and responds differently to each individual user. Relaxica's remarkable auto-bio-feedback nature can inform you by revealing situations that may be responsible for triggering your distress, as well as the extent of your pain.

The scientifically designed frame further amplifies and transfers this "supercharged" action to your muscles. This never before felt sensation by your body causes it to urgently restore muscle tone and nominal circulation. The result is a fantastic soothing sensation, that relaxes and eases tired muscles, and leaves most people ecstatic with its near instant refreshing effects, especially during a migraine or cluster headache attack.

It Works FAST for You

Unlike traditional techniques or medications, the effects of Relaxica are QUICK. As in seconds quick. That's the beauty of this device. In less time it takes for you to read this section, you can put Relaxica on, use it, take it off, and can be feeling as refreshed as an extra night's sleep.

It is as close to a "refresh button" for your whole body that has ever been invented.

Your time is important. Relaxica has been deliberately designed with this in mind. It is not intended to be used for long periods of time (though you can if you wish) or meant to be worn while you work. It is to be used for a mere 30 to 60 seconds when you feel discomfort. You will find that is all it takes.

Remarkably, even if acupressure or pressure point massage did not work for you previously, with the aid of Relaxica's special IRWA, the desired effects of relief can now be achieved.

You can now benefit from this ingenious design to relax even your most delicate and sensitive head, facial, and neck muscles at speeds and levels hitherto considered impossible. Be impressed when you try Relaxica for:

  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • Cluster and chronic headache pain
  • Eyestrain (natural or computer induced)
  • Stiff, sore neck muscles
  • Upper and lower neck pain
  • Tense, tired facial muscles
  • Sinus pressure and pain
  • Temporal pain
  • Tension and stress

I must emphasize this point again:

Muscle tone and circulation must be restored

When a headache discomfort does occur, you can now stop the vicious cycle of diminished blood flow and muscle contraction. With the muscles relaxed, an adequate blood supply is provided to wash out the toxic metabolic acidosis (waste products). Pain can now be relieved by a natural and non-pharmacological method.

Migraines & Cluster Headaches

Although less common, these types of headaches account for the greatest disability and time lost from work. Cluster and migraine headaches fall into the category of vascular headaches, with pain caused by disruption of the blood vessels in the head. Expectedly, good results have been obtained through bio-feedback, acupressure, massage and pressure point type relaxation techniques. Technology now gives you a highly amplified and concentrated version of these proven methods.

Relaxica can work wonders in just 30 to 60 seconds

Magical Effects

In addition to the quick relief provided by Relaxica, there can be wonderful cumulative effects. When you use Relaxica twice daily, it can help you prevent the gradual accumulation of fatigue which could at some point result in a headache or another physical manifestation of eyestrain or neck pain. If used before sleeping, it can give you a better night's sleep and make you feel more refreshed in the morning. Here are a few comments from a doctor regarding this:

"I am really pleased with Relaxica and I use it every day in the morning before starting my day and at night just before going to sleep and I am free from tension related problems. Other members of the family have also experienced its benefits."

- Dr. P. Bhur, M.D.

Sinus Discomforts

Decongestants work by constricting swollen blood vessels in the mucous membranes in the nose and sinus cavities. It is important to realize, however, that the effects are not restricted to these areas, but the whole body. For some people this may result in an (potentially dangerous) increase in blood pressure. With Relaxica you can achieve relief without risks associated with any type of medication. Try Relaxica's IRWA to help you:

  • Ease your head colds and congested nasal passages
  • Relieve your clogged sinuses
  • Soothe away your sinus pain
  • Alleviate your allergy discomforts

"You don't know what you're missing"

I must emphasize that this is truly one of those products that must be tried to be believed. Without exception, I continue to witness transformation of skeptics (read what the Province newspaper had to say below) into true believers in just 30 seconds. As the saying goes, many times in life, we don't know what we're missing. Relaxica is a textbook case of that proverb.

After you have tried them once, you will wonder how you have lived without it for so long. The unification of acupressure and pressure points massage, and their resultant resonant pulsing action, provide a relieving experience not to be found anywhere else. Your body will thank you.

Computer Users

If you work in front of computers or routinely suffer from work related stress and tension you need Relaxica. Its fast, unique therapeutic nature can very quickly:

  • Relieve your computer eyestrain
  • Refresh your tired, fatigued eyes
  • Drain away your mental fatigue
  • Refresh and revive your tense facial muscles
  • Increase your mental concentration
  • Help you work faster and more efficiently

For Your Whole Body. For Men & Women.
For Workers & Students. For Home & Office.

You might be thinking that Relaxica is only designed just for head related discomforts. Not so! During the engineering process, our aim was to provide you with the most versatility. Form follows function in the Relaxica. Practicality is more important than looks. Its surfaces and contours are especially designed to adapt and fit many areas of the body. As the following pictures show, it snugly fits many areas and its therapeutic action can be used almost anywhere. (click on the photos for more)

Relieve Fatigued or Strained Eyes, Facial Tension, Headaches, Sinus Discomforts Great for Headaches, Temple and/or Forehead Pain Relieve Upper Neck Pain, Stiffness & Cramps Eases Congested Nasal Passages, Relieves Clogged Sinuses, Soothes Sinus Pain Soothing & Energizing Action for the Whole Body Use for Localized Massage Anywhere

Here is What Others are Saying:

"The Relaxica is VERY effective on my cluster headaches. It's the ONLY effective treatment available that I can find. The medical community is not helping CH sufferers as far as I can tell. THANK YOU for caring about us."

- Bob Havers

"...created quite a lot more interest than is normal among reporters and editors who spend much of their days in front of computers. To be truthful, there were some sniggers at the [Relaxica] -- newspaper people being ever skeptical of new devices. However, that tune changed rapidly after staff members wore them. ...Others tried it on other parts of the head, and reported similar beneficial feelings. are not without some backing."

- "Tech Toys" Section
The Province Newspaper (Canada)

"I was quite impressed with the results. ...As I spend a significant proportion of my time working on PC's while at work, I find Relaxica a very useful gadget."

- P.S. Rand

"Being a long time sufferer of migraine headaches, I have tried numerous methods and drugs to no avail I'm happy to say after trying "Relaxica" on these different occasions, it works, it really works. Relief at last."

- Bette

"Relaxica indeed works wonders without medication. I am no longer a dependent on medication & I feel fantastically well."

- Anna Lum

"It's great for 30-second spritzers at the office. And when wearing it on the top of your head while lying down, it affects you whole spine too ...eases back pain."

- Stephen Wong

"I know it works...You have developed a good mechanism capable of giving penetration to any area of your body and deeply within."

- Ottavio Iachettat

"I was advised, as usual, by my doctor to avoid taking any medication for headaches during my pregnancy. ..."Relaxica", did wonders for my tension migraine headache."

- Harbans Grewall

(The full letters can be read in our What Others are Saying page. Be sure to check them out as well as others.)

Quality of Relief

Relaxica's supercharged, yet gentle, therapeutic action will impress you with remarkable results. The best part is, because of its penetrating nature, you can begin to feel more relaxed day by day. As I've said before, in the utmost practical sense, this truly is a "refresh button" for your whole body.

From stress alleviator to energizer, the versatility of this patented unit is outstanding. The handsome, form follows function styling coupled with its small, compact size make Relaxica ideally suited for home, work or travel.

Not only do you get quality relief, but also quality construction. Relaxica is 100% designed, developed and manufactured right here near the Pacific Northwest. Meticulous craftsmanship ensure a consistent, perfect quality product that we are proud to ship and guarantee without hesitation anywhere in the world.

"The quality is impeccable! It's nice to know such fine products are still being made here."

- Mohan Bharaj
International Importer/Exporter

Relaxica is "tough but tender!" Most hand-held devices are way too harsh for your delicate eyes, face, head and neck, but not Relaxica. It is ultra-strong yet lightweight and forgiving. Made of one of the finest quality plastics available today, the Relaxica's high-tech "memory" frame is resilient, highly durable and adapts snugly to your face, head, neck and body.

All that is required to operate your Relaxica is a single AA battery. As a testament to Relaxica's high-tech efficient design, a battery typically lasts from 9 months to over a year. So you will never get a headache by having to keep replacing batteries. As a bonus, a free Duracell(tm) battery is included for you.

Make Pain a Distant Memory

As a long time sufferer myself, I know what you go though. I shudder to think there used to be a time when I would spend hours in grief, taking aspirins almost hourly and rubbing and pressing the aching areas. Now all that is a distant memory, thanks to Relaxica.

The results are greater than the sum of Relaxica's physical parts and concepts of operation.

In the amount of time it would take for you to get up, find an aspirin, fill a glass of water, is the time in which your tension could have already been taken care of. The next time you have pain symptoms, you will think about Relaxica if you do not have it. Do not let this easy chance to conquer your pain once and for all pass you by. Relaxica has worked wonders for others and it can do the same for you.

The unit will more than pay for itself the first time you use it, and priceless times over. The cost of this remarkable invention is a mere $69.95. I think you will agree that this is a tremendous bargain.

Try it FREE!

The last thing I want to happen is for you to miss a chance to try Relaxica. So here is what I'm going to do for you. I insist you try Relaxica entirely at my own risk. Send for your Relaxica today. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, feel completely at ease that you can send it back for a refund in 60 days. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with this Unconditional Money-Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What I mean is, I want you to order without worrying about whether Relaxica will work for you the way you hope and expect it to. Therefore, I want you to order this remarkable invention today... use it for two whole months entirely on me, and if for any reason you are not 100% happy, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You have nothing to lose - except your pains and tensions.

90 Day "Unlimited Use" Warranty

So confident you should be of Relaxica's quality construction and durability, that it also comes with a 90 day warranty against defective materials and workmanship. Use the precision built Relaxica as frequently as you need and have full confidence in its durability. It has been engineered to last.

Those are my rules of doing business. Simple and stress free for you in every way. If you are still unsure about anything, please feel free to email me at: I will personally and promptly answer any questions or concerns you may have.

A Genuine Bonus

In addition to the dramatically low price of $69.95, and also as part of a national marketing test, I am going to offer you an extra special deal on Relaxica. How special? Suppose I told you, that not only can you try Relaxica for free, but own it for FREE as well. That's right, absolutely FREE, with no cost on your part. How is this possible? I'll show you a nifty little procedure (it will work in any country, btw) that can give you back your full purchase price, and even a little more. But act right now, I do not know how long we can offer this, and it may be dropped from our campaign at any time.

Select one of four easy ways to order:


Click the PayPal button below now.
2. Order with our online Secure Server.
3. Email us your phone number indicating the time you would like us to contact you for the order.

Your order will be processed within 24 hours and shipped via First Class Mail. You will receive Relaxica in about a week and can begin using it the moment you receive it.

What I am talking about here is a real-life, precision built marvel that takes proven ancient relaxation techniques, blends them with modern technology to amplify and focus them, and provides you with results faster and more comprehensively than you've ever thought, let alone experienced, possible. That is not my personal opinion, but, as you have seen, of those who have bought and used it.

  • Tradition brings you relief, naturally and safely, without medication or drugs.
  • Technology brings you, speed, effectiveness, reliability, convenience and low cost.
  • Together you get simultaneous benefits, the likes of which there is no comparison.

This small investment in your health will pay for itself countless times over and is about what you (or your health care program) pays for a single visit to the doctor. And remember, except for your pain, stress and tension, you have nothing to lose. If you are not happy with Relaxica in any way, I will cheerfully return your money along with my highest regards for at least giving it a try.

Don't put off sending your order if you're at all interested. This product and what it can do for you is more than a bargain. It is a giveaway, literally. Most importantly, it will give you back what pain always takes away - precious time of life - and you simply cannot put a price on that. Call, email or order online today.


Pam Kaur, President
The Relief Zone

P.S. Let me give you one more reason why I think this invention is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL if you are serious about improving the quality of your life. Here is a small comment from a customer about Relaxica that says it all:

"It sounded great and it is."

-Louise Balaz

P.P.S. Don't decide now if this product is for you. Just check it out, try it out, give it a whirl for 60 days. You only have your pains to lose.

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