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What Others are Saying

Dear Sir,

I found your device while looking for something to help me with my headaches on the internet. I've suffered with sinus problems and headaches for years. I work in the largest Medical Center (of the U.S. Government) in Europe. I mention this because one would think that working at a large medical center would be ideal for getting assistance with these problems. That sadly is not the case. I ordered the Relaxica and am delighted to say that IT WORKS !!! As a Clinical Engineering Technician I work on all types of medical equipment from all over the world. Yours is the first device that I've seen that helped. I've gone from 2400mg of Ibuprofen & 60mg codeine daily to 2 aspirins of less. I've sent your web page to several of my colleagues and I expect that they will also order one of your Relaxica's. I may order another one just to have one at home and at the office. Seems like the more that I use it the better it works. As an added bonus my wife tells me that my snoring has been reduced and my sinuses haven't felt this good in years. I also do not need my reading glasses as much as before. I thank you for your product and hope that it will stay on the market for many years. 

Best Regards,
Stan Cason
Clinical Engineering Technician

I would like to express my father's appreciation for the Relaxica. My father has suffered from Cluster Headaches off and on over the last twenty years, and had been free from the cluster headaches for the past five years. This summer the Cluster Headaches re-appeared. He was waking almost every morning around 2:00 am, and was ready to go back to the doctor and drug scenario, when my mother asked me to surf the internet to see if we could find any new developments. This is when I came upon the Relaxica and requested that it be overnighted to my father. Since then, my father has used the Relaxica three to four times a day and never leaving home without it. The success has been wonderful. Since receiving the Relaxica he has only twice had the beginning of a Cluster Headache, which never fully developed and he is no longer waking at 2:00 am. He also had noticed that when the Clusters started this summer, he had acquired a knot on the back of his neck, which was sore, and that has completely disappeared as well.

Donna A.
Buford, Georgia

The Relaxica is VERY effective on my cluster headaches. It's the ONLY effective treatment available that I can find. The medical community is not helping CH [Cluster Headache] sufferers as far as I can tell. THANK YOU for caring about us. Please send THREE (3) units and bill me accordingly.

Bob Havers
Redwood City, California

Dear Pam,

Thanks for shipping me the Relaxica so quickly. Being a student, 90% of my time is spent studying and unfortunately I always ended up with headaches. I was desperate to try anything that would help, as pain relievers always made me feel groggy. I have to admit I was skeptical and wondered how a simple device could relieve my pain, but the theory on your website did make sense to me, so I was willing to give it a try.

The results were really outstanding! Not only did it appear to stop my headaches after about a week but now I find myself much more energetic as well!

It is a great rejuvenator for those long nights of studying and a fantastic concentration improver! I owe it my good grades!

Thanks so much for this cool device! When my friends ask me how I do it, I show them Relaxica, so you might be getting more orders from UMICH!

Opender Pal
Ann Arbor, Michigan

As a businessman, I have to travel a lot. Sometimes too much work-pressure would cause me severe eye stress and headaches. My colleague introduced me to Relaxica last month. But ever since I bought this Relaxica, it helped me a lot to reduce my pains. I think anyone who suffers from tension headaches or eye strains and wants to reduce work stress should try this interesting device.

A funny situation is my wife says I looked younger after using it so she took it from me for herself. I should have bought two.

Vijay Kapoor
Safat, Kuwait

Dear Sir,

It is my great pleasure in writing this letter of thanks for inventing such a unique device called Relaxica.

Since I bought it 3 months ago, has helped to relieve my tension related problems such as headaches, heaviness in the temporal regions of my scalp and eye strain almost immediately in most of the occasions. I have also found it helpful in relieving running nose due to common cold.

Advantageously, it is potentially a non-hazardous device, simple and easily carried in the executive briefcase. It is handier to use every day as frequently as required for a short period of  1 to 1.5  minutes at a time.

Relaxica attracted me the most, because it is a locally acting device free of any toxicity which 15 shown by many daily used drugs. The shape looks scientifically designed and to me its therapeutic action doesn't seem to interfere with body anatomy or the physiological processes.

I am really pleased with Relaxica and I use it every day in the morning before starting my day and at night just before going to sleep and I am free from Tension related problems. Other members of the family have also experienced its benefits.

Again, I would like to thank and present my heartiest congratulations  for giving us all the opportunity to combat tension in today's society with Relaxica.

Yours truly,

Dr. P. Bhur, M.D.
BC, Canada

Being a long time sufferer of migraine headaches, I have tried numerous methods and drugs to no avail - I'm happy to say after trying "Relaxica" on these different occasions, it works, it really works. Relief at last!

Kindest regards,


I have seen your advertisement for Relaxica... With this week's cold & frosty weather, I could feel throbbing pains setting into my head. Usually I am sensitive to light source & I feel dizzy. I tried to sleep early at night hoping that the headache would disappear, but it didn't. My head still throbbed vigorously. I put Relaxica to work which I bought last month. Within 2 sets of application at 1/2 minute intervals, I found my headache gone & tension relieved.

Relaxica indeed works wonders without medication. I am no longer a dependent on medication & I feel fantastically well. I like Relaxica so much that you may use my letter & photo as reference to others.

Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Anna Lum delighted I am with your Relaxica Instant Tension Reliever. I had a short treatment on my very painful right heel during your recent demonstration and I felt relief almost immediately so I bought [it] to use at frequent intervals to bring me relief. I have been using it "hand held" now for several weeks on my painful heel and I want you to know how pleased I am to have it. ...Must tell you of an added benefit I have been enjoying - fewer leg cramps in the night. I am 82 years young and will continue to use your Relaxica Instant Tension Reliever for my heel and any other fatigues I may have. Wishing your company much success.

Mrs. M. Latta

I know it works!

You have developed a good mechanism capable of giving penetration to any area of your body and deeply within.

I believe there to be a significant (albeit perception differences can occur) good resonator that not only brings more blood to the applied area but also relaxes, numbs, I don't know... however producing an effective relaxant; resulting in a light sedative effect to the system (body and mind).

On a more even tone, I have found It to clear my sinuses but not cure hangnails.

I would recommend Relaxica because I feel better having used it.

Truly yours,

Ottavio Iachettat, DMD

P.S. Everyone I put it on laughed and they too felt better.


I was advised, as usual, by my doctor to avoid taking any medication for headaches during my pregnancy. ..."Relaxica", did wonders for my tension migraine headache. I was able to position it in various positions to get the most effective relief from my aching muscles. It is just the thing I needed at work to get rid of my sudden migraine headache within minutes. What a relief! My headaches usually lasted for about two hours leaving heavy after effects of sore neck muscles. But with this little device it only took a few minutes of relaxing time to relieve me of my discomfort.

I wish every success for this unique product.


Harbans Grewall

Thanks for sending me a unit of the Relaxica. The day I received it, I tried it for my eyes. I was quite impressed with the results...

As I spend a significant proportion of my time working on PC's while at work, I find Relaxica a very useful gadget. Its portability and the fact that it has to be used for a short duration of about 60 seconds at one time, makes it very convenient to use even at work.

I have also asked a few of my friends who work with me to try it. The immediate reaction I got from them was: " It is Great!" It is needless to say that they wanted to know from where did I buy it.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you for introducing this product in the market. I am sure Relaxica would be widely accepted in the market and I wish you all the success in your endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. Rand, Economist


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